Miguel Zenón - Identities are Changeable

CD Packaging design for multiple Grammy Nominee Miguel Zenón latest album release Identities are Changeable.

Multiple Grammy Nominee and Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow Miguel Zenón represents a select group of musicians who have masterfully balanced and blended the often-contradictory poles of innovation and tradition. Widely considered as one of the most groundbreaking and influential saxophonists of his generation, he has also developed a unique voice as a composer and as a conceptualist, concentrating his efforts on perfecting a fine mix between Latin American Folkloric Music and Jazz.
Zenón's latest release, Identities are Changeable is inspired by the idea of national identity as experienced by the Puerto Rican community in the United States, specifically in the New York area. All the music on the album is written around a series of interviews with several individuals, all of them New Yorkers of Puerto Rican descent.
For this album, we were commissioned to create a CD package reflecting the scenes and themes from the interviews. We also create a private portal to show the video interviews.
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